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Noel Blue Stories- An incredibly fun writer, wonderful friend, and one of my constant readers and supporters. Recommended read: Creative Employment

Mathilde Madden - One of my erotica author heroes, Mathilde Madden is an amazing writer. Recommended read: Mad About the Boy

Stephanie Vaughan - Author of Off-World and so much more; not only a talented author but a very nice person! Recommended Read: Definitely Christmas

Lorne Rodman - Mr. Rodman doesn't know me from a hole in the ground but I had to link him for the hilarious moose story. (Check it out in the free stories section)

Paul G Bens, Jr - An excellent writer and a very gracious gent. He writes like I wish I could! Recommended Read: Mahape a ale Wala'au

Syd McGinley- Infamous for the Dr. Fell stories, Syd is a talented writer who can get me to read far out of my comfort zone. Recommended Read: What Worse Place Can I Beg in Your Love?

Stevie Woods Banner
Stevie Woods,
a fellow Torquere Press author, author of the well-received novel, "Cane"

Margaret Leigh Banner
Margaret Leigh
, a fellow Torquere author, specializing in romance, erotica & gay erotica.


Torquere Press- Purveyors of E-Book Erotica and the kind folks who've published my work!

Info & Reviews

Rosa is for Romance - An Italian & English romance blog, with an incredibly comprehensive listing of authors and a very nice webmistress.

Joyfully Reviewed

Rainbow Reviews - Gay, Lesbian, Transgender and Bisexual book reviews! A great site

Cocktail Reviews

Literary Nymphs

Coffeetime Romance

Misc - Host with the most? or something.

Umbrella Studios - Where I have had a long run as a comic author/artist/self-publisher. A very cool crew.

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