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Kit Zheng



If you've been joyriding links and wonder where the heck you've landed, welcome to the digital sandbox of Kit Zheng. Who am I? A writer, a former comic book dabbler, a generally curious cat. What do I write? A lot of stories about sex, but other stuff too. Speculative fiction, contemporary fiction, erotic stories... stories about people making their way through everyday life be it bizarre or, well, everyday. This site is mostly about my erotic fiction, so use your discretion when making your way about the site!

You can find out more about me here, read some free (and sometimes filthy) fiction here, view published work and perhaps fund a poor writer by buying a book or two here, or keep on joyriding here. Want the latest news, notes and excerpts? Join my updates ML here!

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5.28.11 At long last, Deconstruction is now out from Aspen Mountain Press. In celebration, I have actually updated this page! Shocking, I know.

9.1.09 In honor of the Outer Alliance Pride Day, I have posted the sci-fi shapeshifter story "Hide" to the Free Stories section. Enjoy, and happy OA Pride.

10.31.08 A little late updating this page, but "Territory," is now out.

07.27.08 "Checkpoint," a new short story about one man's misadventures with airport security is now available at Torquere Press! Also, check out the free fiction page for "Roy LeRoy and the Ace in the Hole."

07.09.08 "Bend Over, Big Boy," the anthology I've been editing, is out at last! Sixteen stories all about butch bottoms, by turns smoking hot, sentimental and sweet, and rough and raw. You can find it at Torquere Press!

06.14.08 I've updated the published works page, the free fiction page, and the links page. I will be slowly adding more stories to the free fiction page, some older works that never found a home, and some lighter stories I wrote during my Torquere Press livejournal hosting days. Also, don't forget the two scavenger hunts--find the buttons and enter to win lots of prizes.

05.26.08 I'm part of not one, but two scavenger hunts in June! Both starting on June 1st, explore this site and find the buttons for the Rainbow Reviews Scavenger Hunt, and the Sultry Summer Scavenger Hunt! Also, I've finally finished editing my first anthology: "Bend Over, Big Boy"! It's all about butch bottoms and I'm really proud of my authors. I'll post more as the release date approaches. And coming in June is the Summer Solstice Taste Test, which includes the latest Roy LeRoy story!

04.15.08 Want to win a free ebookwise e-book reader, or free e-books? Check out the Romantic Days Scavenger Hunt! This site is a part of the scavenger hunt and you'll have a chance to win some of Kit's books as well as the e-book reader if you play along! The hunt runs from April 16 - 19 so don't miss your chance!

02.16.08 New site look and a few new links, as well as an updated bio. More new content coming soon.

01.27.08 One story added to the free section, "Come Calling."

01.12.08 Two stories added to the free section, "Roy LeRoy and the Man in Red," and "Wish Fulfillment."

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