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Kit Zheng


Free Stories

Read wisely. Stories containing relationships are marked m/m for gay, f/f for lesbian, and m/f for het. Please heed all content notes.


Note: m/m, explicit content

(2006) As the world changes, so does a part of the human population. Vonne and Hewitt have dedicated their lives to fighting against this new threat from humanity's own ranks. But when Hewitt disappears, can Vonne accept the reality of what has happened to the man he cares so much for?

Originally published in the Torquere Press anthology "Shifting Again"

Roy LeRoy and the Ace in the Hole

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Note: m/m, explicit content

Roy LeRoy is feeling parched after wandering the desert of Maybe You'll Get Back if You're Really Lucky, so when he sees the fine establishment the Point of Still-Possible Return, he makes a beeline for the bar and tries to get a drink. But he soon finds out he must contend with the fiery, fiesty Lash L'Amour if he plans to wet his whistle. Bets are made and underpants lost in the latest tale about the Sheriff of Whistler's Gulch.


Note: m/m, explicit content

Forced to endure the indignity of a cookout, chief-of-staff Jack Calarin finds himself in the irritating--yet somehow, irresistable--presence of the self proclaimed "liberal hippie biker" Edward Sabin. Things get hot. A light, modern day take on the characters of The Witch-Lord's Gift, written for a LiveJournal day at the request of user EmilyTarot. (King of Salem, Alternate Timeline)

Comfort Food

Note: m/f

A werewolf hunter tracks an unusual werewolf alpha who has a taste for fatty foods. Originally written for the Deja Vu contest at Dark Recesses Press. Set in the same universe as Torn.

Come Calling

Note: m/m, explicit content

The Prince of Longrie calls on Edward Sabin, the man who would be known as a witch. Based in the world of The Witch-Lord's Gift, but stand-alone. (King of Salem)

Wish Fulfillment

Note: m/m, explicit content

Hot exotic dancer Tomas planned on taking home a lot of money from working a private party on Christmas eve. But when the party's broken up by the cops, he's more than happy to settle for studly officer Nimikos instead. Boots and sex and a promise of more. (Deconstruction)

Roy LeRoy and the Man in Red

Note: m/m, explicit content

Roy LeRoy comes home Christmas eve to find a man stuck in his chimney, and goodnaturedly goes along with the man's wild plan for getting himself free. Written for the Torquere Advent Calendar 2007.

18 + 1

Note: m/m

A short story based on the protagonist of "Exposure." It's Vincent's birthday, and even if he isn't really fond of birthdays, he's decided the best way to celebrate is to steal a particular book. This was written for Torquere's birthday celebration, and appeared on their birthday candles calendar on Sept 18, 2007.

Deconstruction: A snippet

Notes:m/m, explicit content

Spontaneous, short and dirty makes Vic and Tomas happy.

Author comment: Vic and Tomas are from a longer work which I really hope isn't dead, entitled "Deconstruction." It's the story of a man finding himself through sexual humiliation, of a relationship falling apart (or coming together?) and of tendency life has to show us the reality of ourselves most clearly when we are being torn apart. This snippet, however, has none of that. It's merely two men, an alley, and sex.

The King of Stags

Notes: m/m, explicit content.

A fairytale. The legendary white stag is the coveted prize of every huntsman. Michael Calarin is no exception, and when he thinks he's come upon the mythical stag, of course he pursues it. His hunt, however, ends entirely differently than he expects, and things in Michael's life begin to change.

Author comment: King of Stags is actually set in the world of a much longer novel I'm writing, King of Salem. It's sort of new world steam-victorian meets fantasy. I don't believe you'll need to know anything of KoS to enjoy King of Stags, as it is meant to be a standalone fairytale. This was written for Torquere Press's advent calendar, which I am sorry is not archived anywhere, as it contained a plethora of wonderful surprises. A sincere thank you to Noel Blue, who edited this.


Notes: m/m.

Steve may not have heat-powers like his lover Alex, or the ability to bend time like his best friend C.J., but he aspires to be a superhero all the same.

Author Comment: These characters are old as dirt. I think my sisters and I conceived of them while we were still in grade school/early high school. It was absolutely marvelous to visit them again. It should be noted Alex belongs to my sister P, and C.J. to my sister D.

Stages of Waking

Notes: m/m, explicit content.

Cole keeps having mysterious fits--and his friend Albert seems to be the only one who knows what's going on. Will Cole figure out his own secret before it tears apart their friendship--or worse? Originally published in Monsters anthology from Torquere Press. (Out of Print)

Author Comment: My first published piece. Set in a world I had previously set up in some of my comic book work in Traces of the Beast. A massive thank you needs to go to Bill Radish, whose credit got left out on the original publishing and who was pretty much a co-author of this piece via very intensive editing, and deserves much more credit than I can give.

Roy Le Roy and the Black Bull of Whistler's Gulch

Notes: M/m, explicit content, anthropomorphism.

The original Roy LeRoy story. A fearsome monster has come to Whistler's Gulch. Can the town sheriff--one mild-mannered Roy LeRoy--somehow keep the demon from destroying everything he's sworn to protect? And at what price? A tall tale about taking one for the team town. Please note! This is a bit darker than later Roy LeRoy tales, and please heed the warnings.

Author Comment: I had a craving to write something a la Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox, and this is what came out. I liked the character of Roy LeRoy so much that I have further adventures planned for him. The second tall tale appeared in Torquere Press's Torqued Tales, coming late June 2007. Thank you to Llamajoy for editing this!